Writers And Illustrators Festival 2015

Set for Saturday November 7th 2015 at UPEI. For more information click on the Facebook Page link. Facebook Pageoie_420114U4JgB59C


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A Favorite Anne Quote!!!

Octobers Anne

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October 4, 2015 · 5:40 pm

“VOICES” launched at the Montague Rotary Library July 19th 2014


VOICES, a new anthology by members of the Montague Library Writers Guild, is dedicated to Swarna Chandrasekera, who retires next month. She is shown here with MLWG President and VOICES Project Coordinator Gary Gray. 



Thank you everyone for your participation and support… Great readings and good food. A lovely expression of appreciation for Swarna. It was a very successful launch with Over 50 books going out on Saturday. 


Sixty-eight contributions by 16 area writers are jostling for reader attention in VOICES, the latest publication of the Montague Library Writers Guild.
The 175-page book, which will be officially launched at 2pm on Saturday, July 19 July at the library, is dedicated to retiring Librarian Swarna Chandrasekera.
VOICES is the third such anthology of wit, wisdom, feelings and historical documentary offerings by members of this talented group, and is currently on sale in various Montague locations, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Stewart & Beck Ltd and Red’s Corner in Pooles Corner.
The public is invited to attend the free event which will offer refreshments. It is an opportunity to meet some of the following contributors, who will read selections from the book and answer questions from the audience: Doreen Bears (The Little Firefighter 1947; My Little Piece of Heaven); Jeannee Bradley (Cars, Home Deliveries, A Memory of a Child, Ice Racing in Charlottetown, First Impression, An Unexpected Message); James Bruce (Island Reflections, Technical Terms, The Battle of Creed’s Pond); Gary Gray (Yellow School, Gray’s Transport, Blue Bicycle); John Burck (The Crash of Argus aircraft 737, A Believable FERRY Tale, The Stuff of Legends); Terry Kerr (Celebrate Winter!, The Ocean, The Deadly Storm, Island Healing); Sheila Mallory (The Sparrow, Murray Harbour); Joanne Collicott McGuigan (The Tragedy of Minnie McGee); Blanche Moyaert (Becoming an Islander); Nancy Perkins (The Gosh Darn Plow, The Ice Floe, Nature Lovers, The Blue Jar, Island Blue, The Astronaut Visit, Booms in Little Sands); Tom Rath (Connections, Unexpected Dinner Guest, Visitors are Surprised, Don’t “Stop Playing With Your Food!”, Winter Whirl, Fur-Children); Tom Schultz (Winter Night Drive Home, Winter Night Sounds, Island Funerals); Donna Singleton (February 14, 1967, Russell (A Good Old Boy); Kim Smith (PEI has only 3 seasons, An Island Reverie, Winter Storms, If You Need Any Help, Just Call!); Karen Stewart (My Eureka Moments) and Linda Stewart (Downsized, This Place, Watercolour Pastels, Light and Stardust, My Island, The Farmers Market, Farm Living, A Memorable Meal, Perfect Silence and God Sounds).
The Montague Library Writers Guild meets every second Saturday at the Library at 2pm. Activities include guest lectures, technical sessions on writing and publishing, and critiquing works by attendees. While VOICES is the group’s third anthology, individual members have published more than a dozen other titles.

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Titles and editions recently published

Here is a list of some of the most recent books published by members of our writers group.

The Fabric Of Life: The Five Cycles of Change
Ph. D. A. L. Sinikka Dixon (Oct 2013)
Kindle edition and hardcover edition

Donkey Oatie’s Christmas Pageant
Rath, Tom H. (Nov 2013)
Kindle edition and hardcover edition

Donkey Oatie’s Field Trip
Rath, Tom H (June 2013)
Hardcover edition

Donkey Oatie’s Fashion Statement
Rath, Tom H (November 2012)
Hardcover edition

Donkey Oatie’s Impossible Dream
Rath, Tom H (Aug 2012)
Hardcover edition

Year of the Babies!: A Journey Through Loss, Childlessness, adoption and Cancer
Anne Vandonkersgoed (Nov 2012)
Kindle edition and hardcover edition

Revisiting Scripture: How Should I Live?
Tom Shultz (Mar 2013)
Kindle edition

Revisiting Scripture: The Church
Tom Schultz (Apr 2013)
Kindle edition

Old Glory Sailing Home
Loman Bell (Dec 2012)
Paperback edition

Old Glory Faces The Hurricane
Loman Bell (May 2013)
Paperback edition

Some Book of Island Story-Isms
Leslie Stewart (Oct 2012)
Paperback edition

Handy Book of an Island Wordsmith
Leslie Stewart (Nov 2013)
Paperback edition

I is for Island: A Prince Edward Island Alphabet (Discover Canada Province By Province)
MacDonald, Hugh (Jun 2012)
Kindle edition and hardcover edition

Trapper Boy: A Novel
MacDonald, Hugh R (Oct 2012)
Kindle edition and paperback edition

This is a list of 14 titles published by members of our writers group between June of 2012 and December of 2013. As noted these titles have been published in more than one edition in many cases.

Our writers have many other titles that have been published as well and they are currently busy creating content for new books to be published over the coming months.

Since the goal for the group in 2013 was to publish at least 10 editions, we are meeting and exceeding our goals.

We have a wonderful group of writers dedicated to learning the craft and manifesting their learned skills into action by publishing books for all the world to read.

Montague Library Writers Group

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Special Guests To Visit Writers Group…

Kent Stetson

This post is to remind you of our writers presentation week event tomorrow at the Montague  Library starting at 2:00 p.m.

Tomorrow we have invited Kent Stetson Island born Canadian award winning playwright/author and his brother Paul to visit with us.
Kent and Paul have co-authored and will talk about the crime series “Meat Cove” (click the link to visit the web site)
Kent has promised to bring along copies of the book that will be available to attendees at a cost of $20 per.
I have also received an email from Joanne Collicott McGuigan letting me know that they have a visitor who she says has authored and published a number of his books. His name is  James Roy Daley and his work can be found on Amazon. She would like to bring him along. (click the link to view a list of books by Mr. Daley)
Swarna had also mentioned that there may be some refreshments served as well. Yum!
As we have made this event open to everyone we may have more attend than our usual half dozen.
Of course summer is a time of visitors to our Island so you just never know who will be making an appearance .

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Writer’s workshop hosted by acclaimed Island born author Kent Stetson

Summer Writers Weekend Workshop,

Marshfield, PEI

The Character Generated Story

In Drama and Prose Fiction

I’ll be giving a two day workshop on August 24 and 25, 2013, at the family farm in Marshfield, PEI.

The craft of writing workshop is open to writers at all levels of their practice.

The workshop’s timed, multi-perspective free-writing exercises will focus on character creation as a means of story development with specific emphasis on drama (film, television and stage) and prose fiction (the novel and short story).

Poets, journalists, dramatists, novelists, essayists, neophytes and masters seeking new ways to approach their craft… all are welcome. The magic is in the mix!

The workshop will meet over two days, with periods of solo writing leading to work shared with the group in a supportive, challenging atmosphere.

The workshop will be based on that given this winter as part of my tenure as Artist in Residence at McGill University’s Institute for the Life of Arts and Ideas. The two day intensive was the central event of the inaugural residency, and was a terrific success.

Some of the participants, a terrific blend of faculty and students, advanced and/or clarified work already in progress. Others make solid first steps in new writing projects. All were delighted to learn craft basics in two challenging, supportive, stimulating days.

Here are participant comments:

“Everyone was given fair counsel and made remarkable progress. At the end, all the writers were elated and this feeling permeated their soul, giving them a renewed confidence in being able to tackle whatever writing emerged.”

“This is a true tale about a caring artist and professor who decides to host a character generated writing workshop through the IPLAI at McGill University and by doing so, transforms his students. He was endearing to all and all appreciated the fact that when he critiqued, he not only drew from his vast analytical knowledge and life experience, but he also from his heart. During the course of the workshop, there was a strong sense that the professor acted as a facilitator, a maestro, enabling students to face and fight their technical foes while rising above their fears.”

“Thank you for your invaluable pearls of wisdom. The past weekend has given me so much to build on. I have promised myself to get back into reading and writing as disciplines.”

“I would like to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoyed the Character Generated Story Workshop this weekend. Kent is truly an inspiring writing instructor. He knows how to encourage the students to go beyond the limits they might have set for themselves while at the same time never making anyone feel diminished. It was a fantastic experience, even for a neophyte like myself. It is invaluable for anyone interested in arts and ideas and willing to raise to the challenge.”

“I’m so grateful to IPLAI for asking Kent to do the workshop, if that’s how the occasion arose. It was quite extraordinary, in my humble opinion. He is a very gifted teacher, really one of the best I’ve seen in action over more decades than I like to contemplate. He’s clear, organized to a T, warm, friendly, disciplined, and absolutely engaged in his subject. Having set the stage so well, he then dove into each separate piece submitted, and made each student feel they were a welcome guest in his house. Of course the response was relaxation, ease, thankfulness, a release from nerves, and in at least one case, tears of joy and pleasure. That’s rare indeed!

It was a privilege for me to be part of the procedure, and I’m sure each one of us felt the same way. Many thanks for a truly wonderful weekend.”

Experience tells small is better! My classes in the Creative Writing Department at Concordia University are rarely larger than twelve in number. I also keep my eight week on-line courses small.

In the same spirit, I’m limiting the number of participants in the first PEI Stetson Farm Writer’s Workshop to ten. This is the perfect workshop number for people to learn new skills, develop their craft, to contribute and receive useful insights from their peers.

I’m excited by this new adventure in the world of creative writing! Check out MasterPlayWorks for more general information about your’s truly, and get a sense of other workshops offered and how they work. Drop a line if, after thoroughly checking the site, you’d like more information.

Dates and Times:
Saturday, August 23, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. (6hrs)
Sunday, August 24, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. (6hrs)

The Stetson Family Farm, Marshfield. Route 2 east. CN: 14136

To apply to participate, please send the following by 5pm Friday, August 16, 2013:
1) a writing sample (max. 400 words)
2) a statement explaining why you would like to participate in the workshop (max. 1 page)
3) a brief biographical statement (1 paragraph)

Cost of two day twelve hour workshop:
$145.50 plus tax, payable by check upon acceptance.

Can’t wait to get home, and lend a collegial hand.

KentKent Stetson

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Christina G Gaudet reads from her book “The Box”

Our newest addition to the mailing list of The Montague Library Writers Guild Christina G Gaudet reads from her book “The Box” Available in paperback locally or in Kindle format at Amazon. Be sure to pick up your own personal copy… I did 😉

Welcome Christina!

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