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“VOICES” launched at the Montague Rotary Library July 19th 2014


VOICES, a new anthology by members of the Montague Library Writers Guild, is dedicated to Swarna Chandrasekera, who retires next month. She is shown here with MLWG President and VOICES Project Coordinator Gary Gray. 



Thank you everyone for your participation and support… Great readings and good food. A lovely expression of appreciation for Swarna. It was a very successful launch with Over 50 books going out on Saturday. 


Sixty-eight contributions by 16 area writers are jostling for reader attention in VOICES, the latest publication of the Montague Library Writers Guild.
The 175-page book, which will be officially launched at 2pm on Saturday, July 19 July at the library, is dedicated to retiring Librarian Swarna Chandrasekera.
VOICES is the third such anthology of wit, wisdom, feelings and historical documentary offerings by members of this talented group, and is currently on sale in various Montague locations, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Stewart & Beck Ltd and Red’s Corner in Pooles Corner.
The public is invited to attend the free event which will offer refreshments. It is an opportunity to meet some of the following contributors, who will read selections from the book and answer questions from the audience: Doreen Bears (The Little Firefighter 1947; My Little Piece of Heaven); Jeannee Bradley (Cars, Home Deliveries, A Memory of a Child, Ice Racing in Charlottetown, First Impression, An Unexpected Message); James Bruce (Island Reflections, Technical Terms, The Battle of Creed’s Pond); Gary Gray (Yellow School, Gray’s Transport, Blue Bicycle); John Burck (The Crash of Argus aircraft 737, A Believable FERRY Tale, The Stuff of Legends); Terry Kerr (Celebrate Winter!, The Ocean, The Deadly Storm, Island Healing); Sheila Mallory (The Sparrow, Murray Harbour); Joanne Collicott McGuigan (The Tragedy of Minnie McGee); Blanche Moyaert (Becoming an Islander); Nancy Perkins (The Gosh Darn Plow, The Ice Floe, Nature Lovers, The Blue Jar, Island Blue, The Astronaut Visit, Booms in Little Sands); Tom Rath (Connections, Unexpected Dinner Guest, Visitors are Surprised, Don’t “Stop Playing With Your Food!”, Winter Whirl, Fur-Children); Tom Schultz (Winter Night Drive Home, Winter Night Sounds, Island Funerals); Donna Singleton (February 14, 1967, Russell (A Good Old Boy); Kim Smith (PEI has only 3 seasons, An Island Reverie, Winter Storms, If You Need Any Help, Just Call!); Karen Stewart (My Eureka Moments) and Linda Stewart (Downsized, This Place, Watercolour Pastels, Light and Stardust, My Island, The Farmers Market, Farm Living, A Memorable Meal, Perfect Silence and God Sounds).
The Montague Library Writers Guild meets every second Saturday at the Library at 2pm. Activities include guest lectures, technical sessions on writing and publishing, and critiquing works by attendees. While VOICES is the group’s third anthology, individual members have published more than a dozen other titles.


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